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More than 100 Members in 45 countries, IGAL is a leading private intercontinental network for Lawyers and Accountants.


Our members offer superior services for companies and individuals with international activities


Expert Assistance - Maximizing Results - Auditing and accounting services Formation of companies and other corporate entities

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IGAL has developed into a leading business network of legal and accounting firms whose members offer superior services related to legal, financial, tax and insolvency matters to companies and individuals with international activities; as well as expert and personal assistance to reduce the obstacles of doing business in a foreign environment and at a distance.


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I was elected our President by the Board of Directors. Thank you. The burning question is: what happens next? I am confident that IGAL will continue to deliver value to the present members. Simultaneously, we will work on growing our organization. We have set very high professional standards and degree of qualification for the membership. Those prerequisites will be followed without exception. The organization will take advantage of the world being disease free (kind of) to strengthen our relationships and organize regional meetings. Additionally, there will be tools provided for the membership to know one another better. Our Board of Directors is vibrant and eager to perform. IGAL deserves that. The more we can hear from you, our valued members, the more we can do for you. Let’s work together for the brighter future.

President – IGAL

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