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More than 100 Members in 45 countries, IGAL is a leading private intercontinental network for lawyers and Accountants.


Our members offer superior services for companies and individuals with international activities


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IGAL has developed into a leading business network of legal and accounting firms whose members offer superior services related to legal, financial, tax and insolvency matters to companies and individuals with international activities; as well as expert and personal assistance to reduce the obstacles of doing business in a foreign environment and at a distance.


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We all appreciate that clients increasingly require their lawyers and accountants to operate internationally. Being able to do so can be the difference between retaining and growing or losing business. Membership of IGAL is an effective solution. The values of integrity, quality, expertise, independence, respect and mutual cooperation mean you can confidently access advice internationally; knowing your client will enjoy the same professional and customised support and solutions that you deliver. Membership also brings many opportunities for you to build new client relationships and your profile in your profession. I encourage you to explore our website to see how IGAL can help you build and grow your practice.

President – IGAL

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