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…and now, for something completely different

IGAL’s next annual meeting is rapidly approaching. We are continuing to familiarize ourselves with the venue.

Consequently, it is only appropriate to further comment on Singapore as the city of contrasts.

Partly, it is necessitated by the great success of the hit movie “Crazy Rich Asians” which takes place there. The movie is a Hollywood produced romantic comedy which should be seen and understood through that prism. 

This film is in sharp contrast to the one recommended in the previous Newsletter (“Singapore Dreaming”…you can see it on You Tube). “Crazy Rich Asians” reinforces the stereotype of Singapore in which  people are fabulously wealthy. After all, it is the most expensive city in the world to live in several years running.

The plot: Woman meets man. Man’s family owns most of the land in Singapore (of which she is initially unaware). What they don’t own, their friends do. This is a modern day Cinderella story. Woman meets prince etc. Eventually, everything works out.

Not everyone in Singapore is rich, albeit many are. Not many meet a rich prince or princess.

Those are kinds of life events which can’t be counted on.

One thing in Singapore which can be counted on by everyone, including the poor, is Hawker Chan. 

It is a stall in Chinatown. People routinely wait for an hour to get the food.. Given the normal daily heat it is an endorsement of the stall. Hawker Chan serves plates of soy sauce chicken.

The stall was awarded a Michelin star in 2016. It is the cheapest  Michelin starred  “restaurant” in the world. One can eat for $2.

Bon appétit, everyone!