It has been pretty hot; I am sure you noticed. And it won’t get any better. So, beware and continue reading.

Dehydration can cause many undesirable effects in both your mind and body. Beyond the easily recognizable feeling of thirst, dehydration can also affect memory recall and mood. On the physical side, dehydration can affect your motor skills and lead to an increased sensitivity to pain. To avoid these and other unwanted consequences of dehydration, always do your best to stay properly hydrated.

In knowing the importance of staying hydrated, what should you do to maintain proper hydration? It’s simple. Drink before you start feeling thirsty. After all, once you’re thirsty, you are already mildly dehydrated. That’s why, if you want to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated, you should always keep a beverage close at hand and take regular sips of the liquid throughout the day.

Though water is often considered one of the better beverages for staving off dehydration, it’s worth remembering that it isn’t the only beverage that can do the job. In fact, most other drinks can and will keep you hydrated just as well as water. There are, however, some potential exceptions to the rule, namely drinks containing caffeine or alcohol. While neither caffeine nor alcohol directly causes dehydration, both can produce a mild diuretic effect, making it harder for you to stay hydrated.

That said, if you are in a position to stay hydrated, then staying hydrated is always the best course of action. So, once you finish reading, please take a moment to grab your favorite drink and keep it close by. Hopefully, after this brief look at some of the negative consequences of dehydration, you now understand the benefits of staying hydrated and will actively work toward avoiding dehydration from this day forward.

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