Couch cushions can absorb a lot of dust over the years—so much so that vacuuming alone isn’t always enough to tackle the problem. So, how does one deal with the kind of deep-set cushion dust that a vacuum cleaner can’t reach? It’s simple. Remove the dust from the cushions by hitting them with an old tennis racket.

While probably obvious, it’s worth mentioning that you should probably do this task outside. Otherwise, the dusty cushions will be the least of your problems. That said, once you’ve moved the couch cushions safely outside, simply hit them with an old tennis racket until no more dust emerges from the cushions. Afterward, use your vacuum to suck out any remaining dust trapped beneath the surface, then return the cushions to your couch. It’s that easy.

While a popular schedule for cleaning couch cushions is once in the spring and again in fall, feel free to clean yours as often as you see fit. After all, you know your home’s dust situation better than anyone else. Regardless of which cleaning schedule you end up choosing, however, consider waiting for a windy day before completing the task. This way, you can clean the cushions without standing in a cloud of dust as you do so.

If you don’t have an old tennis racket laying around to use on the couch cushions, look for another solid but broad object for hitting the cushions with instead. The flat end of a broom works well in many cases, as does a standard rug beater if you happen to have one at your disposal. With a bit of creativity, you’re sure to find a suitable object for completing the task.


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