Dear Members,

By now, you should have received the inaugural issue of the redesigned IGAL Newsletter under the new name of IGAL INSIDER.

That issue is not necessarily representative of the content you will be encountering in the future but merely of the design.

We sincerely hope that you liked and approved of the “face lift.”  Your Board’s intent is to make IGAL INSIDER more interesting, useful and relevant.

We envision that the IGAL INSIDER will be issued on a more frequent basis than the old Newsletter for the following reasons:

-as an organization and as individual members we should stay in frequent contact; both professionally and personally.

-we should share relevant business and economic developments

-IGAL is known for friendships and camaraderie. We should not only enjoy each other during our Midterm and Annual General Meeting but continue to meet on the pages of the IGAL INSIDER.

-By the way, do you realize that it is impossible to touch your elbow with your nose?…

IGAL INSIDER will be issued as often as we have pertinent information to share. At times, an issue may consist of only two or three items. At other times it may be considerably longer.

How do we get all the interesting tidbits, facts, articles, themes, observations and the like? The Board will be responsible with providing 50% of the content. You, the rest of our members, are responsible for the other 50%.  And, by you, we mean exactly that: you. You are responsible for the IGAL INSIDER which represents your organization. You cannot rely on anyone else: you must participate.

What do we want:

-Anything and everything. We will decide how much to print or in what form but you will get the credit.

-What is meant by “anything and everything?  Something you see, something you hear, something you read, something you think about, something you deem interesting enough to share with your friends.

Of course, the above doesn’t exclude professional articles, observations, things you have learned at seminars, promulgation of new laws and regulations. Anything and everything that your fellow members may find interesting. Don’t judge the information or yourself. Turn it in and we’ll judge it for you (and in the process we’ll judge you, too. Just kidding!).

-One example would be: positive changes you or your community are making including effects on your daily life.

-If you have a story to submit, we would love to hear from you. Please submit it to Beverley or the undersigned.

What we don’t want:

-No need to hear any more about COVID-19. By now, we should all be tired of it. Let’s leave the popular folk cures, conspiracy theories and government health action plans out of the IGAL INSIDER. We have all received alerts and guidance on how to combat the pandemic. IGAL INSIDER doesn’t need to hear about that.

Please send all of your submissions in a format which we can edit, e.g. as an e-mail, Word document or the like (no PDF).

(Statistics show that at least 70% of you tried to touch your elbow with your nose!)


Michael Djordjevich