On May 13, 2021 it was announced in the USA on the advice of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that “if you are fully vaccinated, you can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic” and, mostly, don’t have to wear a mask.


I woke up this morning

Still tired and stunned,

There’s a new pandemic warning

Over which I won’t be shunned.


No, my woman didn’t leave me

It was much happier than that,

I completely failed to see

What they were driving at.


It was all about the mask

And I must wholeheartedly confess,

I wasn’t up to the task

For the announcement in the press.


What about the mask, you ask?


After more than a year of confusion

And information about the pandemic,

No, this was not an illusion

And certainly wasn’t a gimmick.


It turns out it is all over

I can stop fussing and drinking,

Live my life in a state of sober

and stop all that over thinking.


I can go out and celebrate

Sit inside a restaurant,

I won’t be tempting fate

If I order what I want.


I can leave my mask behind

And smile at people again,

Don’t have to overtask my mind

While starting to feel like a 10.


Why shouldn’t I trust the CDC

And start living my life,

Is it just me

to quit thinking about afterlife.


The Pandemic is over

As is my worrying,

One thing moreover

Let’s all stop crying.


So, this is the pandemic blues

Let’s leave it behind,

Start wearing our shoes

See what new life we find.


by Mike Djordjevich

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