Check this out: not so many years ago, any talk of the ETs would earn you a not so complimentary moniker of “crazy,”“lunatic,” “drunk” etc. Not any longer; there have been many indisputable sightings by reputable and, even, government entities. Meteorological phenomena, weather balloons, strange clouds, and other silly, seldom believable explanations, will no longer be accepted as valid in every case.

Hey, they are out there. All one has to do is look and believe. And, for IGAL, I am that guy.

Listen to this: a couple of weeks ago I was in the desert, close to the infamous Area 51 and all that. But that is irrelevant. I drove off the road, maybe five miles. It was a quarter-moon night, clear, quiet, away from any lights and noises.

I have this app which I learned about from very credible documentary film sources. What is involved, you ask? One has to believe, be able to meditate and observe. The app emits noises, sounds from previous encounters; it acts, almost, as a beacon. Maybe there is a passage to other dimension, reality, universe. Maybe it is all nonsense, stupid and pointless. I don’t know.

Here is my experience: I sat, concentrated, meditated (essentially, just emptied my mind; which, for me, by the way, is very difficult), listened to the sounds being emitted from my app and waited. I was eager but calm, expecting nothing. My hope was overcome by realization that I was alone, in the dark, in the desert. That was something, I thought, an accomplishment. If it ended at that, I would have been happy.

Calmness took over; for me, an unusual peace. Then, above me, maybe at 100-200 meters appeared a couple of lights. Blue and green, hovering, watching, appearing as patient and calm as I was. After I bit, I observed maneuvers not known to me to fit in any known physical reality and, instantly, were still again. I looked and hoped, that “they” also looked. Looked and understood. In one instant, duration of which I cannot estimate, I was very clear in my mind; clear on many things, present and past. For a moment, there were no questions and no anxieties. The calm endured and overwhelmed.

And then, the two lights were gone, kind of through a time warp. I was alone again, in the desert, staring at a quarter-moon. Things weren’t clear any longer. Anxieties returned.

Make of it what you want. Your mind and set of beliefs will guide you, help you file it away where it feels the most comfortable.

I remain hopeful on several points: (1) that I’ll experience it again, (2) that others will too, (3) that our world is not abandoned, (4) that we can’t be allowed to destroy ourselves, (5) that someone is watching and, maybe, (6) that someone cares.

I’d rather repeat my ET experience than watch/read the daily news; that is for sure.

by Mike Djordjevich

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