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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Life is full of joys and woes and this year has proved just that.

The joy of seeing so many “New” faces at our midterm meeting in Palermo and the pleasure of organising our first AGM in Asia.

The participants at this year’s meeting will be able to enjoy a very interactive Business Day, with topics covering ASEAN economics, law, business culture and its barriers and success stories, with the aim of understanding how things work in Asia compared to elsewhere, your contribution will be very important. Over 60 invitations have been extended to outside contacts, clients and dignitaries who will hopefully all be able to join us for part or all of the meeting.  If you are unable to attend, please let us have any questions you would like us to ask on your behalf.

However, 2018 has also been a year of sadness and I would like to pay tribute to Dr Karl-Walter Bach and Mr Howard Radley, who passed away this summer, for their dedication and professionalism that have contributed to the success of IGAL over the past 40 years. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andreas, Thomas and Claudia Bach and with Hanne Radley in these difficult times.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your messages of encouragement, your support and friendship.  Although I will no longer be a member of the Board following the AGM in Singapore, I can assure you that I shall continue to work in the interest of the grouping.

Kind Regards Pascal KOERFER

Pascal Koerfer