Members Covid Update : BKP & Partners Law Firm – Paris

Dear Friends,

First of all, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

This week should have been the week of our midterm meeting in Bordeaux.

Believe us, we are very disappointed and sad not to be able to welcome you and share these moments with you.

Here in France, citizens are confined to their homes except for essential services enabling the smooth functioning of the country.

Nevertheless, most companies have implemented teleworking facilities, where possible, and the economic activity of the country is running as near to normal as possible.

At BKP & Partners Law Firm, we are used to working with secure IT systems so it has been relatively easy for us to adapt to the exceptional situation we are in.

Therefore, we are continuing our work as usual, although remotely, and have even been able to strengthen our human and professional ties with many of our clients and partners.

We also note a considerable increase in the number of requests from European companies needing help with the way to approach issues on French territory.

Deconfinement should be starting 11th May 2020, therefore we are actively preparing this, we anticipate this will generate an explosion of economic operations in the country, particularly regarding mergers/acquisitions.

Therefore, we are fully operational to support our customers and partners in this crisis.

We hope that you will all go through this crisis in the best possible way and that we shall be able to meet up again soon.

Looking forward to seeing you in better circumstances.



BKP & Partners Law Firm – PARIS / VERSAILLES