Germany, usually an example of successful economic activity, is currently experiencing a broad economic downturn. many employees had their work hours reduced or, for the most affected companies, the laying off of staff was necessary. 

Government rules and regulations promulgated at the beginning of the pandemic highlighted the fact that most public institutions’ systems and processes were not designed for the current situation. The same applies to many, if not most, small and medium sized businesses.

The pandemic, with its associated ban on personal/human contact, has illuminated a role which digitalization can play in private, public and commercial institutions.

Before the current situation, our company was involved for several years in the creation and implementation of a digitized workplace. Consequently, we are accommodating “virtual” client meetings and the “paperless” office is more a reality than ever before. All of this is accomplished without sacrificing our high-quality standards.

Presently, the restrictions imposed are gradually being loosened in order to go back to normalcy. The challenge now and in the future is and will be to ensure the best possible working environment while bearing in mind the ongoing health crisis.