OUT AND ABOUT : WHAT WE DID A FEW SUMMERS AGO- KYRGYZSTAN by Frank Klaus, Klaus + Partner (Germany)

Presently, travel for recreational,educational or other non essential purposes is, unfortunately, impossible. This is why my memories of the car trip from Frankfurt to Bangkok in 2016 are sweeter. There are numerous stories to tell, not only about the UNESCO world heritage sites, but also about the little things which make a slow journey so memorable and special.

In Kyrgyzstan, for example, they still make the charcoal for a barbecue by hand in the mountains.

Important utensils are cooled in cold mountain streams.

The barbecue skewers are a little more original.

The whole thing took place at an altitude of over 2000 m and we were not alone.

Before visiting, Kyrgyzstan was a mysterious black hole for us, just like the whole of Central Asia. We had heard the names of the countries before, but never really had any connection or knowledge about this part of the world. Kyrgyzstan is a very mountainous country that is developing its infrastructure with Chinese support and probably giving up a little sovereignty in return. According to our conversations there, this is not uncontroversial among the population.

For us, however, Kyrgyzstan, with its magnificent mountains was a great discovery and experience in and of the nature. We were able to spend the night everywhere without feeling any danger and a sunrise in the mountains, in a deserted area, is simply an incomparable experience.

We left Kyrgyzstan for China via the Torugard Pass and we are sure that this was not the last time we would visit there.




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