RETURN TO DISNEYLAND by Mike Djordjevich (USA)

Hey, we all go through a multitude of experiences. Some good, some bad, some just so-so. We file them away and, in our memories, go back to them readily or try to stay away forever. And pretty much anything in between.

One of those memories I always go back to is Disneyland. It is pleasant to stay there for a long time. I wish it could be forever.

So, we are in Los Angeles at the time of this writing. You know: business, work, meetings, obligations, clients, office, responsibilities, problem resolutions and general joys of being in a private professional practice. Forget about all of that. I don’t want to stay in that moment at all. Not for a minute. Bad, bad moment; chase it away.

The moment I cherish is that we went to visit Disneyland.

The old rides are unchanged. Very antiquated, in need of an upgrade, extremely dated, tired, becoming irrelevant when compared to the new, hi-tech, slick rides. But they will never be irrelevant because those moments when we were young, or were young parents, are etched in our brains forever. The old rides (Dumbo, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Snow White) get us there instantaneously. It’s a place where there is always a song and a parade.

In those moments, It’s A Small World ride could be falling apart and full of snakes and rats; but, in those moments I am young, my children are small, and our future is bright and happy. Nothing is in our way. All things will work out, we’ll be together forever with limitless love. There will never be any arguments.

The Pirates of the Caribbean have been partying and drunk for over sixty years. They are still funny and brave, reckless and cute; never having aged. Maybe that is the attraction, that is what we secretly want: not to age.

With our emotional selves fully satisfied we moved to more reckless endeavors: rollercoasters. There was a lot of water splashing, screaming, excitement, fear and wishing that the experience would never end.

But, as all other things in life, it did end. Late at night, after fireworks and parades, ice creams and wet clothes, sun burns and hoarse throats, it did end. We exited into reality, the world of clients, responsibilities, debts, broken promises and dreams. But, somehow, it appeared that we would handle it better, be more patient and tolerant about it. There was a promise in the air, in the middle of a hot, California night.

Hey, if Mickey Mouse never ages, why do we have to?

by Mike Djordjevich

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