SO, IT’S A LONG, HOT SUMMER AGAIN by Mike Djordjevich (USA)

It was only a few months ago that we wrote about the rain, fog, winter, short days and other season specific (and depressing) conditions.

And, just like the masks (remember those?), all of that is gone by some invisible snap of the fingers which are governed by an arbitrary date on a calendar. Some numbers which, otherwise, would not have any meaning at all. Except, in this context, they have the effect of making us happier.

Some celestial ceremonies, uninfluenced and inaccessible to us bring about palpable, tangible changes.

Everything seems to be waking up, slowly, after a long, dark night. Birds are beginning to chirp, albeit as if not sure of themselves, almost shyly and, definitely, hesitantly. At least, they are doing it; that is all that matters. And, it appears, they are setting a great example.

I am looking at all of the trees around me: they are stretching out to the sunshine (oh, how we missed it!) and the sway of their branches indicates that something is happening.

And, that it is good.

I am watching people walking their pets who, it seems, are livelier in their step. Both they and their owners are enjoying that walk again: the ground is dry and, at least for now, we are basked in the sunlight. Plenty of it.

The ocean around our Island is no longer grayish green; it is blue again. The seagulls, who are screeching just the same as in the middle of winter, provide that sharp color contrast: their white feathers compared to the dark blue ocean and light blue sky.

We are hoping that each day will be more positive, prettier, sunnier. Our attitudes will, hopefully, change and we won’t mind going back to work, in an office, with our colleagues who we have not seen for a couple of years.

And, we can do it all without those masks covering up our happiness and the resultant smiles.

It only lasts three months but it seems like a lifetime. 

by Mike Djordjevich

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