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30 Years ICC/IGAL

On the 31st of December 2017 I resigned as a partner with Beil Staehle Milde after 41 years of partnership. This also results in my resignation from IGAL after 30 years of membership.

My wife, Brigitte and I started our time with ICC/IGAL in 1988 with our first Annual Conference in Newport Beach. Since then we regularly attended the conferences all over the world. Together, with my former Partner Fritz Kruschewsky, I even organized a conference in Prague in 1999 and another in Munich in 2001. I was also a Director on the Board of ICC for several years.

During all these years I experienced professional and successful cooperation between the members. But it is not just the
professional base that was important for me, but also the personal contacts with the other members, of which a lot became close friends. We not just met (and still do) at the conferences, but also visited each other and celebrated weddings and birthday parties. Special personal moments like these where unforgettable for Brigitte and me.

In our group the contact is not just limited to the professional links, but also reaches a personal level. Friendships develop, that simplify and strengthen the professional basis of the network. That for me makes our group special and unique. It is very important to develop the organisation without losing this spirit.

I want to thank all of you for the great and unforgettable experience. I enjoyed my time with IGAL and hope we do stay in touch.

I will continue my work as a Lawyer and please feel more than welcome to contact me if some of you need help and assistance.

Jürgen Beil