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Domingues e Pinho Contadores celebrates its 34th anniversary

On April 2, Domingues e Pinho Contadores (DPC), a reference in accounting outsourcing and business management, reaches its 34th aniversary, a number that reveals that different political and economic moments were experienced and overcome since its foundation, in 1984.

“The anniversary in 2018 brings a special feeling, as it is celebrated on a Monday, the same day of the week that the DPC began its activities for more than three decades ago”, remembers Manuel Domingues e Pinho, DPC’s founder and CEO.

The company opened its doors based on a small office in Rio’s downtown, focusing on provision of accounting services, 9 employees and 20 clients in its portfolio. Today, the company has about 500 employees and partners divided into Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Macaé facilities “. In analyzing this entire trajectory, we conclude that work, dedication, and persistence lead us further than we imagined”, says Pinho.

Over the years, the services portfolio expanded beyond accounting services, extending to the taxes, personnel department, financial management, human resources management, paralegal, accessory obligations, due diligence, systems deployment consultancy, mapping processes areas, among others. Currently, DPC serves more than 500 companies, where 65% are multinational. Service to Brazilian and foreign individuals is also part of DPC’s scope.

Another important record at DPC’s timeline was the establishment of partnerships in the main Brazilian cities through GBrasil – Grupo Brasil de Empresas de Contabilidade (Brazil Group of Accounting Companies, in a free translation), and in 45 countries overseas through IGAL – Intercontinental Grouping of Accountant and Lawyers.

Recently, Domingues e Pinho reestablished its mission, vision, and values, but its strategy remains the same with the fundamental pillars sustaining its activities since the first chapter of its history, such as ethics, quality of services and respect for people, while planning for 2018.

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