…and now, for something completely different…” MOVIE REVIEW: “DON’T LOOK UP” by Mike Djordjevich (USA)

Do you have access to Netflix?

If you don’t, I can only think of two reasons: (1) you live in a cave somewhere and the modern world, or any kind of civilization, has not penetrated there or (2) like your editor, you feel that entertainment shown on that network is not worth someone’s time.

Well, there are exceptions to everything, aren’t there?

DON’T LOOK UP, directed by Adam McKay, is one of them. Everyone should see it but not as a comedy to laugh off but as a warning, a road sign, a mirror we can see ourselves in and be horrified.

It is an honest look and, consequently, a complete inditement of American “culture” in its every aspect. Hey, it has had something like 160,000,000 million viewings.

It examines our politics (rotten, corrupt, insensitive, selfish, dishonest and hypocritical on all fronts and both parties), our population (uneducated, easily manipulated, misinformed and apathetic), our media which, far from independent and nonpartisan, caters to the government’s agenda and population (see descriptions of both above).

In terms of media all has pretty much been reduced to entertainment. Pure and simple. When coupled with our habits of constantly staring into our electronic devices, and I mean constantly, we get what we get. Essentially, a flock of uneducated sheep aimlessly following who knows what, to a nonexistent light.

The movie is relevant not just to the United States but other (economically) developed societies, countries and regions which are, for whatever (to me, unexplained) reason following in our cultural and behavioral footsteps.

The movie pointedly examines the most egregious aspects of our daily life, beliefs and routines. It serves us a dose of reality which is ugly and bitter. We can swallow it easily because it is sprinkled with sugar. Issues like greed, theft and dishonesty are presented in a lighthearted fashion. 

The sad conclusion is that the movie, essentially, does what it attempts to criticize. It reduces complicated issues to a comedy routine in order for the population to laugh and be entertained. Not ever realizing that they are watching themselves. Watching, laughing and walking into the oblivion.

Watch DON’T LOOK UP but don’t laugh; cry instead.

by Mike Djordjevich

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