…and now for something completely different…”: THE LONGEST DAY by Mike Djordjevich (USA)

The Longest Day (June 21, 2021)

Hard to believe that it has been six months since we reported on the gray, rainy, cold winter solstice day. But, yes, it has been an eternity since then. Or, at least, it seems so.

Everything has changed as to not be recognizable. The skies are a very bright blue, the air is crisp and pleasant, the day is long and, after all that has happened, life seems to have found its way; it has won. It has given us a new hope and put us in a promising mood; one of high expectations and cheer.

All of that just because the longest day, at least on our Island, is twenty plus hours long. The actual daylight is even longer thus leaving just a few hours of darkness to dream, be alone, observe an array of stars in the very clear summer night.

The ocean surrounding us seems a bit more picturesque than usual; the waves appear a bit tamer, the sky is more inviting, the food tastes better, the birds are nimbler.

There is a sense of optimism and hope. Everything has fallen into place; there don’t seem to be many doubts.

And, then, we realize that it is over. We began to slide back towards the winter solstice immediately albeit a few minutes every day. The change is imperceptible but present, nevertheless. Our friends and neighbors on the Island are greedily holding onto the disappearing minutes of sunshine. They stay in parks and on the beaches enjoying the warmth.

We all, also realize that every year we are given a seat in the biggest theatre of all: the World itself. We can enjoy, observe and participate in a repeating celestial event of the longest, shortest and everything-in-between days. We, as people, are soldiering on, observing, learning, trying to understand and influence.

These long days provide insights into ourselves, our psyches. Many times, we feel the days are long so we can better look inwardly, better understand all which is around us.

Or, they may be long simply as the means affording us more time on the beach, bathed in the afternoon sunshine.

Either way, it works beautifully.  Enjoy, hope, continue on and be happy.

by Mike Djordjevich

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