We all, hopefully, can relate to a feeling when everything goes right. As if arranged by a higher power, we find ourselves in a real time Lego set. It is a feeling of accomplishment and tranquility; knowing that all the pieces, after all of the hard work, fit perfectly.

That happened to me in Pesaro, Italy; 150km from Bologna or 300km from Venice, whichever you prefer. It took place in the law office of Ceccarelli & Silvestri, the newest member of IGAL.

And, what a find this firm was!

Located in the trendy, close to the sea, part of town; in an exquisitely refurbished and furnished four storey villa, sits this boutique law firm.

If their legal work is as organized, well thought out and appointed (as I am sure it is) their clients and IGAL have nothing to worry about.

The firm is composed of young, attentive, well qualified people who, aside from being pleasing to the eye, present themselves in a friendly and professional manner. They convey a feeling of positivity, self-assurance, and competence. Something akin to a well-tuned engine of a sports car.

My visit proceeded in the spirit of camaraderie and exchange of information. It was clear that the firm is successful and will continue to be so for many years to come. Obviously, the office met and exceeded the high standards which IGAL imposes on its members.

As I left, I felt emboldened in knowing that the future is bright. With similar additions as this newest member, IGAL’s potential is unlimited.

Thank you Ceccarelli & Silvestri.


by Mike Djordjevich

Address :

321 High School Road #303
Bainbridge Island
WA 98110

Telephone : +1 661 645 5572

Email : mike@mdj-cpa.com

Website : http://www.mdj-cpa.com