THE MILLE MIGLIA by Giovanni Babino (Italy)

Established in 1927 by motoring journalist Giovanni Canestrini, Count Francesco Mazzotti and Count Aymo Maggi, this race has been taking place annually.

Today the Mille Miglia is a race for classic and vintage cars that does a round trip, starting from Brescia to Rome and back again for a distance of a thousand miles.

Like the older Targa Florio, and later the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico, the Mille Miglia made grand tourers known.


The participation is limited to cars produced no later than 1957, which took part in one of the 1000 Miglia editions (1927/1957).

This year the Selection Committees accepted the list of 405 historical cars (Alfa Romeo, Itala of 1929, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, Fiat, Goliath, Renault).

121 participants from the Netherlands, 65 from the USA, 59 from Germany, 55 from Belgium, 51 from Uk.

This year the Mille Miglia started on 13th June. At 12:30pm the first of the 405 cars, a roaring “1927 OM 665 Superba” led the way to Brescia Castle.

For five days, from the 13th to 17th of June the runners felt the excitement, emotions, and the thrill of this special race. This event, a true gentlemen’s race, including many famous places, beautiful villages, and Rome itself offered the opportunity to live and re-live unforgettable moments.

Once again, this year, the runners had the opportunity to live a legend.




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