Garden Gloves: A Reusable Product for Dusting Around the Home

As you may have gathered by now, your INSIDER is obsessed with dusting this month.

If you’ve ever used a feather duster, then you’ve probably noticed that they do little more than move dust from one part of the room to another. So, if you’ve had enough of messy feather dusters and are looking for a cleaner alternative, then look no further than a pair of cotton garden gloves. Garden gloves are far more effective than feather dusters for dusting around the home because they trap more of the dust that traditional feather dusters spread around.

To make use of this tip, you’ll need a pair of clean cotton garden gloves (not the kind with rubber tips) and a spray bottle filled with water. Once you have the spray bottle and gloves ready, slip on the gloves as usual and give them a quick spray with the water. The added moisture will help ensure the dust properly sticks to the gloves. Finally, run your gloved hands over any dusty surfaces in your home so the dust can transfer from your shelves and knickknacks to the gloves.

When the gloves become too dirty to adequately clean any more surfaces, throw them in the laundry so they’ll be ready to use once again the next time you’re dusting your home. If a single pair of gloves isn’t enough to keep your home’s dust problems at bay, consider buying some extra pairs of cotton garden gloves to add to your cleaning supplies. This way, you can change into a new set whenever the others become too dirty to continue.


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