Well, guess what: another year is gone forever. And, really, what have we done: I mean, individually ? 
Have we met our goals, came closer to realizing our dreams, improved ourselves emotionally and financially ?
Or, dealt with any other limitless number of combinations via which humans calculate their successes and failures ?
There are eight billion+ of us and we all have a story, a plan, a game, an angle, a hope, a desired outcome.
Where do you fit? Where do I? Where do any of us?
You are the only person who knows the answer. No one else. It is a good system. 
So, whatever it is: your IGAL INSIDER wishes that the new 2024 is better or the same or whatever 2023 was; or whichever way is the best for you. We wish what you wish for. The INSIDER is with you all the way.
And, if you feel like it (and only if you do), please share some of those hopes, dreams and experiences with us. 

Have a Happy 2024!

by Mike Djordjevich

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