FILM REVIEW: “LOVE LIFE” by Mike Djordjevich (USA)


It isn’t what you think, I assure you.
Not a zany Hollywood love story, where everything works out. We leave those movies and are elated we are alive and re-fall in love with our wives and husbands. Cheery, not to say idiotic, music accompanies us out of a theatre. This is not one of those movies. 
Directed by Koji Fukada, this Japanese-French production wastes no time to confront us  with some basic existential questions: what is the meaning of life, love, parenthood, relationships? What are our hopes and dreams and how do we achieve them?
Our lives are unpredictable in both quality and length. We exist on a day to day basis, not even aware of risks we are exposed to everyday. Human beings are vulnerable to any malady and/or calamity. Our ability to influence any substantive, material situation is severely limited. By design, no less. Just think about that for a minute. Inhale/exhale.
We can’t influence to whom and where we are born; when and how we are going to die. In the interim, we feel as if we have choices but we really don’t. Give that some thought, as well. Inhale/exhale.
Yet, we get up every morning, brush our teeth, and get something to eat. Then we go to the big world to do something, execute some plan, accomplish a purpose. We feel as if we matter, make a difference. Many of us have illusions of trying to do something to make the world better, or, at least, impact it in some way. As we are doing that, we have to stop and take nutrition in order to function. And, we have to stop to relieve our bodies of toxins. All of that while we are trying to fit in the world. It is a very simple, inefficient and antiquated set up. Don’t you think?
We are slaves to ourselves and our bodies.
Our reaction to events which befall us range from happiness and joy to utter disappointment and despair. Those reactions are expressed by laughing or crying. And, sometimes, something in between.
The illusions presented to us are endless and, more or less, cruel. The Grand Design of Life would be funny if not infinitely sad.
And, yet, we plod along every day; dutifully trying to survive, not get hurt, and justify our existences.
Through all of that we show resilience, stamina and, most of us anyway, motivation.  Does that mean we have accepted our fates? 
In the end, it appears, the most important thing is to have a meal and take a walk. After all, what else is there to do?
LOVE LIFE is about all of the above. Except, expressed more pessimistically.



by Mike Djordjevich

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