I don’t know why, in the summer, people start dreaming and philosophising. As if attempting to change how we think, live, organize, relate to others.

Most of the time it amounts to nothing as our lives are, mostly, defined by money.

Profit motives and affordability determine our life’s routines. We run around, hustle, trying to make it all happen. Many times, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen. Then, we are depressed, angry and disappointed.

At least, I am. Way too many times.

And, then I wonder if I’d react any differently if my surroundings were changed; if I lived in a utopian environment, if all things reconciled more often than presently.

I know it isn’t always possible, if at all, but one can always dream.

A city where there is no rush, where time is plentiful. A city without hassles, crowds and lines. Lines for everything: theatres, restaurants, red lights, government buildings, grocery store checkouts. A city where we haven’t decentralized to the point where everything is delivered: from the bare necessities to the minutest trivialities.

An environment where the deliverer boss is making billions while the deliverer worker stays on the edge of poverty, despite their hard work. A place where the air is not polluted by a huge number of delivery trucks, a city where there are people.

Where the cafes are full, where people linger, talk, sip coffee, lemonade and, dare I say it, talk. Where one’s time in a cafe is unlimited, unconstricted. Where there are no beggars and dangers. Where one doesn’t feel being hustled and exploited.

Where movies play irrespective of attendance; simply to satisfy the very few who enjoy them. A place where commercialism has not taken over every element of one’s life; where money is maybe in the third or fourth place of importance, not the undisputed gold medal winner every second, minute, day of the year of our collective existences.

Maybe a place where holidays and Sundays still matter, where commercial establishments are closed, sometimes, where Life takes over for just a tiny little bit, without pressure.

What is wrong with relaxing? What is wrong with not having TV screens everywhere screaming, delivering news and pronouncements, telling you what to think, where to go, treating everyone as if they were stupid and deaf. A city where there is peace.

In the midst of all of that my phone rang, it was an important client, my personal balance sheet and income statement demanded that I take the call.

And, then, it was over. I was back to multitasking and had no time for dreaming.