So, yes; it is bad with all those people milling around, spoiling our tranquility.

But, what about if there were no people; at least, not so many visitors.

It has been a long, hot summer and our island has handled it pretty much the same way as it has for thousands of years. Gracefully.

Compared to last year, the trees are a bit greener and taller; the water seems the same; the various pods of whales seem to be passing through unaware of and unconcerned with whatever problems are around.

How nice it would be to be a whale for a little while! Big, powerful, travelling around with no visa or passport requirements. Having no comprehension of the missiles being launched, drones flying around in the many parts of the world. And, if we were a whale, our nourishment would be water and there is, still, plenty of it. Not a worry in the world while emersed in the sounds of the ocean. Sounds of life and safety.

Our island may feel the same. It allows the ebbs and flows of life itself; it does it systematically and peacefully, it tolerates the rains, the dry season, the fog and, after all, us. We, the permanent inhabitants, are allowed to be present, to exist.

Our island has survived many earthquakes, volcano eruptions and various reversals and, tragically, extinctions. All we have to do is be more careful, not inundate our surroundings with too many cars or too much trash.

Our island has been tolerant with us even though we have not deserved it.

But we manage. In exchange we get the natural beauty of whatever there is. And there is plenty. The weather is mild, the skies are blue and, when it rains, the drops are clear. Like human tears which will flow down our cheeks some day when we mess it up and it is all gone,

Yes, it has been a long, hot summer. We fish, swim, visit friends and enjoy the tranquility. We are looking forward to that easy transition into the fall with the yellowing leaves and white/grey clouds above our heads.

Our island will survive and last. Will we?

by Mike Djordjevich

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