Since everyone is anxious about traveling again, we thought it timely to include the two articles. They both deal with traveling.

When traveling to any destination, it can be tempting to overpack. Though excessive packing may be okay on short road trips, it’s not the best idea when traveling to the far reaches of the world. For this reason, experienced travelers often embrace a less is more mentality when packing their luggage. While less is more packing doesn’t mean leaving everything behind, it does mean you’ll need to pack like a pro and carefully consider each item before it ends up in your bag. So, to help you weed out any unnecessary items and make the most of your limited space, consider implementing the following eight tips.

  1. Roll your clothes.

To make the most efficient use of your limited space, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Beyond the space-saving benefits, rolled clothes (when rolled correctly) also tend to end up less wrinkled than their regularly folded counterparts.

  1. Utilize compression bags.

For bulkier items that don’t roll well (pillows, blankets, puffy jackets, etc.), use compression bags to eliminate the extra bulk. If possible, pick compression bags that don’t require a vacuum for sealing, so you can easily reuse the same ones on your trip home. Even if you choose not to use the compression bags right away, consider tossing a couple into your bag for later to compress your dirty clothes.

  1. Wear your bulkier items.

Whenever possible, wear your bulkier items to and from your destination. This will free up heaps of space in your suitcase for other important items and may even help you save money on baggage fees. People who think you are overweight, as in your fellow air travelers, you most likely will never see again.

  1. Do your laundry on the go.

If you are willing to do some laundry during your travels, you’ll be able to wear the same clothes multiple times while away. This will allow you to pack far fewer outfits, leaving you with fewer bags to transport to and from your destination.

  1. Fill your spare shoes with small breakables.

To help ensure your items arrive in one piece, slip any small breakables into your socks, then slide your sock bundles into a spare pair of shoes. This not only saves space, but also provides extra protection for your breakables.

  1. Avoid bulky jewelry cases.

Instead of packing a bulky jewelry case, lay your jewelry flat between two layers of plastic wrap. This will keep your jewelry from becoming tangled, without taking up any additional space in your bag. Compact pill organizers are also great for keeping smaller jewelry items like rings and earrings from becoming lost or separated in your luggage.

  1. Avoid bulky makeup cases and toiletry bags.

Makeup cases and toiletry bags are often bulky and filled with wasted space. To keep unneeded bulk to a minimum, leave such cases or bags behind and bring only your essentials. Pack your essentials throughout your luggage, wherever a free space presents itself.

  1. Limit your electronics.

Many electronics have overlapping features. Instead of bringing an e-reader, handheld gaming device, and MP3 player, consider loading your smartphone with e-books, games, and music. Your smartphone can also act as a camera and emergency flashlight, again helping you to pack fewer items. Packing less electronics will also help you cut down on the number of charging cords and accessories you’ll need to bring along.