No, this is not a love letter but, in some way, it is. You decide.

It has been a long time, indeed. Too long.

Last time we were together was at the Frankfurt AGM which seems like an eternity. In terms of our daily activities, living our lives, servicing clients, dealing with all of the daily problems and challenges it definitely is.

Keeping in touch with our IGAL contacts by video conferences, phone calls, e-mails is simply not enough. Our IGAL INSIDER attempts to fill the void, but a written word can only go so far.

We have all tried staying in touch via all of the above, but it feels like being hungry after every meal; we need more. IGAL has spoiled us as its people are quality and fun, interesting, professional, engaging, friendly and inviting. Those qualities are hard to duplicate by seeing our friends and colleagues on a computer screen. So, be it.

We have had grand plans during the last two years for meetings but those kept disappearing one by one like ships in the fog. The current world health situation kept extending, postponing and finally (and unfortunately) cancelling all of our plans.

We have not given up as of right now.

Our next AGM is planned for Madrid and we all hope it will take place and many people will attend, their individual circumstances allowing.

In the interim, and hoping for the best, let’s keep the spirit of IGAL alive by all of the means available to us. Knowing us, we’ll do it with gusto and make it feel right. Stay in touch, make it count, and let’s all hope we see each other soon (and make it something to remember).