Members Covid Updates : C&P Consulting & Auditing – Romania

Dear all,

I am glad to hear that nobody from this beautiful big IGAL family is ill. We all are fine, too.

We moved our Bucharest office in November 2019 and thus prepared our IT system for the new location and with new technologies, so now we work from home too, in both Bucharest and Brasov ready to assist our clients in these difficult times.

Schools closed in Romania 9th March and gradually all other activities were closed or reduced (art galleries, theatres, restaurants, gyms, beauticians, shops, all kind of activities for the population). Our outdoor activities are very limited, we are only allowed to go out for food supplies and urgent matters, carrying the proper documents to prove this.

Currently, a lot of legislation updates have to be clarified for our clients. There are special measures for closed businesses and the Government is covering 75% of labour costs for them and for the ones who face reduced activity receive 25%. How this is to be implemented was published recently, so a lot of work has to be done to support our clients.

Unfortunately our health system is not one of the best, so we really hope that staying at home will help us not to need it; safety measures were taken immediately, so hopefully this will help.

I really hope to meet you all sometime soon, when all this mess has cleared up, I am aware that nothing will ever be the same again. I look forward to a time when this will be the “old story”.

Till we meet, my warmest wishes to you all, big hugs and take care,


Camelia Gules