Office Spotlight by Giovanni Babino (Italy) – Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati

Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati is a Law Firm founded on 1995 by Giovanni Babino and Bartolomeo Falcone. It is headquartered in Milan but has offices in Palermo and Treviglio (Bergamo). There are three partners and ten associates.
The Firm offers out-of-Court and procedural assistance and defence spanning all levels of judgment (including Corte di Cassazione and Consiglio di Stato).

Members of the Firm practicing international law are actively involved in various international organizations, such as The British Chamber for Commerce in Italy and the Salzburg-based Centre for International Legal Studies. Aside from regularly attending international conferences serving as speakers and moderators, they also publish articles including essays and papers in law magazines and books.

The Firm’s senior partner, Giovanni Babino, is Avvocato accredited in the US Embassy – Consular District of Naples list and in the British Embassy Rome – British Consulate General Milan list.

Moreover, the Firm belongs to Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers (IGAL), a network of law and accounting firms with which it has been collaborating for several years.

Our clients are mainly companies and persons operating in the industrial and commercial area, trust, real estate, inheritance, medical malpractice, maritime transport, shipping and financial sectors. We have also established a network of correspondents for a timelier and effective action. This reduces and/or optimizes related costs of legal proceedings conducted on behalf of clients. This unique approach allows us to customize strategies that best meet the needs of our clients.

Our motto is:


by Giovanni Babino

Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati