OFFICE SPOTLIGHT by Michael Djordjevich – CPA

Michael Djordjevich, CPA was started in 1980. We are currently located on Bainbridge Island, Washington, U.S.A.

Our staffing consists of three certified public accountants, one CPA candidate and an administrative person. Our fees

are generated by servicing high net worth clients in terms of business management consulting, transactions structuring,

analysis and participation. Our area of concentration is real estate, both commercial and residential.  We also review, analyze and create private investment portfolios. 

Tax compliance work is a natural outcome of the above as well as serving as successor trustees and executors.

Through a group of our clients we have been involved (as accountants and consultants) in philanthropic activity dealing with civility. As our society’s manners have been declining over the years it is refreshing to know there are organizations attempting to change the behaviors of: dressing inappropriately, loud cell phone conversations in public, licking your fingers in restaurants,

generally being rude, permitting children to misbehave and a general lack of consideration for others. Treating other people in an impolite and discourteous manner has almost become a norm. There are philanthropic organizations which are attempting to influence and change these massive declines through education. Beginning with preschoolers, there are techniques which teach young children that their behavior has effects on others and teaches them empathy. This is accomplished by exposing them through videos and playacting to bad manners and evaluating their responses. 

Since we, as an accounting/consulting practice, have been involved in this area, it has made our work more meaningful. It has also made us aware of impressions we project on others. We appreciate clients who generously fund and value these projects much higher than personal profits.