With all of the recent government recognition and acknowledgement of the many and various UFO sightings, your IGAL INSIDER thought you should think about this new type of insurance.

In surveys about the possibility of intelligent life beyond our planet, more than half of Americans believe in intelligent extra-terrestrial life. In addition to this, the same surveys also determined that nearly one third of Americans believe the government is deliberately hiding additional evidence of alien contact. With such a large portion of the population holding such beliefs, it’s no surprise that there’s an increasing interest in obtaining alien abduction insurance.

Alien abduction insurance, which is currently only available from select providers, tends to be inexpensive despite its often-generous pay-out ratios. While the most basic alien abduction insurance policies tend to be broader in nature (covering abduction scenarios in their entirety), there are certain insurance companies that offer event-specific policy options that provide additional coverage for events like alien examinations, alien pregnancies, and even death (if death were to occur due to the alien abduction).

While such policies may sound appealing, especially considering their generous pay-out ratios, the question remains for whether you should purchase alien abduction insurance. The short answer is, “Maybe” – and here’s why.

Though obtaining alien abduction insurance is often quite simple, the hard part, should you purchase said insurance, will be proving to your insurance provider that otherworldly beings actually abducted you. After all, without such proof, your alien abduction insurance policy will be essentially worthless. If, however, upon your return there is undeniable proof which verifies the fact that aliens abducted you, then you or your beneficiaries will receive financial compensation following your otherworldly experience.


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