There have been so many negative stories involving ferries: crashes, storms, big waves, vomit causing sailings and dockings. Your editor has contributed to those descriptions; other INSIDER articles did the same. Ferries have been vilified; for many valid reasons, to be sure.

However, there are exceptions to every rule. There are those ferry crossings and sailings which border on the sublime. I was on such a crossing a few days ago.

The weather on our Island has cleared. At last. There were actually two sunny days in a row which the islanders viewed as a present from Heavens. The rains, miraculously, stopped. The roads dried and the humans and animals alike came out. As if, wondering at the new reality and trying to get accustomed to it.

The ocean in our harbour was calm. The seagulls were marking their territory while waiting for the next sailing of the ferry. They never seem to lose hope that something good will happen, that the next sailing will produce that big meal, that all will be all right.

I boarded the ferry which, in the bright sunshine, had the colour of the seagulls. It juxtaposed itself well against the blue of the water and the sky. My fellow passengers had the extra step in them; I did, too.

When the boat pulled out of the harbour it encountered the smooth water surface which was like glass. No waves, not even ripples of any sort. Just a complete calm and satisfaction. The engine roar was lost in the magic of the moment, it aligned itself perfectly with its serene surroundings.

As we glided out I felt relaxed and relieved of everyday mores. The coastline went by quickly and all the turns we made were effortless and seemed to belong in that moment. A total reconciliation, it seemed, was achieved between the nature, passengers’ lives and some cosmic forces not readily understood by anyone.

I felt glad for the marine life below as I hoped that it enjoyed the quiet above. I was happy to be alive and an integral part of the scene. I wanted it to last forever but, deep inside, knew it was fleeting.

The middle of the crossing felt as if we were in some faraway ocean, long ways away from any civilization, as if we would navigate by the stars and sail, sail, sail forever. I was overwhelmed by the sense of peace and an understanding of all things around me. A calm realization and acceptance of my very existence. A kind of tranquillity found in the 18th century novels. That slow life or time spend pleasure picking fruits or sitting in front of a fire place. Love.

As we approached the city the noises returned. I realized there were calls on my phone I have not noticed during our crossing. My infinite sadness returned. My fellow passengers and I disembarked and went our separate way. It was over.

When I turned around to make sure all of this actually happened, the big, white boat was gone. Not forever, I hoped.


by Mike Djordjevich

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