Sunny Stockholm

The IGAL AGM in Stockholm burst into life with a spark at the opening reception at the Sallskapet Private Club. The rooms adorned with historic artwork were a fitting backdrop to the rekindling of old friendships and the beginning of new ones. Sten welcomed us warmly to his hometown and the start of the Conference with a presence and charisma that only Sten has.

The Grand Hotel Stockholm provided a hearty breakfast and the fuel to power us through the Business Day. Interesting presentations regarding Insolvency issues, Commercial aspects of Data Privacy, Running Effective Meetings and International VAT issues kept members engaged and eager to ask questions.

Later that evening Sten’s firm and colleagues hosted a pre-dinner reception at their office. The office of Walthon Advokater felt warm and welcoming. a great place to work, meet clients and entertain the IGAL delegates. The atmosphere was perfect for further networking and development of IGAL relationships with a lovely dinner to end the evening.

No rest for the members as the conference gathered Pace for the Social Day trip to Vaxholm Castle. If the members thought this would be a relaxed day of touring the Castle they were sorely mistaken.

Split into teams the competition began. Testing skills of dexterity, problem solving, European geography and teamwork the competitive nature of the members was clearly evident.

If the members thought the morning activities were challenging they were in for a shock. After a delicious traditional Swedish lunch further challenges were thrown at us. Watching fellow Accountants and Lawyers balancing on each other to climb up a wall was a sight to behold. Thankfully with only a few strained muscles we all lived to see another day.

The AGM provided a forum for the Board’s reports to the Members, welcoming new members to the Group and highlighted upcoming Conferences for 2024.

With Stockholm offering many interesting museums and places of interest the free afternoon was a perfect opportunity to explore this beautiful city.

The Gala dinner always promises a fitting finale filled with great company, delicious food and magical moments. This one delivered much more than that.

The Grand room was something to behold, steeped in Nobel history and beautiful chandeliers. What a fitting way to celebrate our beloved Beverley’s retirement as Administrator and the glue that has held IGAL together over many years. Celebrating over 20 years of service to the Members with a speech and presentation was a very special moment and one that we will all hold dear for many years. Beverley’s legacy continues with Sarah taking on this role and challenge.

The evening continued with to new friends and old. The legacy of this conference will live on with memories made, new business conducted and the bonds of IGAL members strengthened.

 The next conference will be here before we know it.


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