THE HEAT WAVE by Mike Djordjevich (USA)

Listen to this: in my country they are still arguing if there is actually any climate change. All these politicians are monetizing their views and are beholden to their hidden masters. At least, it appears to be so.

How about where you live?  

Well, whatever. Who cares about the politicians?

The other day, I come out of my car to get something and realized that I couldn’t breathe. Also, I was pretty sure I was sinking into the asphalt which was melting. Hey, at 45C (113F) what would you expect? I was thinking that we are pretty much way passed the argument about climate change but are actually in it. Ouch!

I like the sunshine but not the intense heat. It causes some strange things to happen. I became very aware of my immediate environment.

I started to look around me and noticed the individual blades of grass screaming for help. Maybe, they needed just a little water to make it through the day. But there was no water in sight for the grass. No clouds in the sky, all that pretty blue as far as the eye can see. 

Walking through the streets, I was again fighting for some fresh air. The building walls seemed angry and expressed their dissatisfaction by emitting a lot of heat. It seemed directed at me. What did I do, I wondered? What did any of us do?

There was no one on the beach I came to. It was too hot for people to be out on the beach. I am struggling with that concept, with those thoughts. With no one around, our part of the ocean appeared forlorn and forgotten. No one to be with, no one to cool off, no one chatting with the big waves. The water simply came and went, in uninspiring waves which almost seemed bored with themselves.

The trees lining the far side of the beach seemed like a defeated army after a long battle. They were glad to be alive, but exhausted, bereft of energy. Almost as if all was lost and there was nothing left to fight for.  

The heat was defeating us all. Slowly, methodically moving into our homes and emptying our streets. The little town became devoid of people. Old before its age. 

I dragged myself around looking for a friend or anyone around but to no avail. It was getting dark and the heat was not getting any less intense. I went home and decided to turn in early. 

While I slept, I had the same dream which has been repeating during the heat wave. In it, there was a big storm which blew in a bunch of fat, white clouds, full of moisture.

And then, it rained and rained what seemed like forever. There appeared a rainbow. At the end of it was Mickey Mouse, waiving and smiling. 

It rained some more.


by Mike Djordjevich

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