THE WORLD IS AWAKENING by Mike Djordjevich (USA)

No, this article is not about politics or the possible, imminent or unlikely destruction of the world (depending on the political philosophy you subscribe to).

It is about a sunrise, seen and experienced by your editor. Nothing romantic about it; no birds flocking to it or galloping giraffes completing the perfect picture. 

It all happened on one very early morning in July at a non-descript airport. There was a huge window facing East on what turned out to be a bright, sunny day. I kept looking through the window, staring down the darkness and wondering why was I up so early.

What came into view, as I looked into the dark, were numerous wide body airplane tails. They assumed magical shapes and appeared as very tall mountains rising out of the desert. Somewhat mysterious and scary in the unsure, shy light of the dawn.

And, then, to my surprise, there was a sliver of light, ever so thin appearing on the horizon. Small, with no strength, battling against the night which has already had a ten hour hold on the airport.

But, there was no stopping it. It kept coming, forcefully and with intent. Kept coming as if it had been doing this very thing for billions of years. Kept coming as it there was no chance to change its mind, drown it and make it go away.

The initial sliver assumed a half circle shape and was growing. It produced a red, yellow and orange colors which promised happiness for that day. Maybe forever, if we played our cards right.

The runway became visible and those airplane tails gave way to the whole airplanes themselves. The myriad of colors of all different airlines complimented the rising Sun. The planes were shiny, vivid and it seemed they wanted to take off right away, to soar in the skies and take in all that light. And, we would go with them.

The ball was full now, sure of itself, ready to provide us with life for another day. Ready to sustain and accommodate our wants and needs.

I was ready to walk away from the big window and start dealing with the airport staff shortages, flight delays, crowding, fighting with the fellow humans and cursing the day I was born.

The Sun shone brightly in the sky, as if mocking us.


by Mike Djordjevich

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