THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN (21st CENTURY) by Mike Djordjevich (USA)

For those of you unfamiliar with Thomas Mann’s classic work, the best way to describe it in a sentence is that it deals with relationships, friendships, psychological and sexual discoveries; leading into an examination of the meaning of life and finally, death. All of this is happening in a sanitarium in the Swiss Alps (in Davos, no less; but let’s not spoil our analysis by any discussion of today’s meaning of Davos) in the first decade of the 1900s.

A 120 years later I find myself in the Swiss Alps, approximately 160 kilometers from Davos. The Alps are the same; mysterious, romantic and never changing. For several days I am afforded an unimpeded view of another magic mountain, the Eiger; that peak which is celebrated, feared and not easily conquered; exacting the ultimate price from anyone attempting to possess it. Then, so be it.

My social cohort, also, was not much different that the people described in the literary classic. They represent a cross section of society; also well to do, coming from different countries. Each has their own, unique life stories and experiences; fulfilled and unfulfilled hopes and dreams. After all, they are IGAL members.

Being high up in the mountains promotes camaraderie and closeness, exchange of information which goes way beyond accounting and law. People’s experiences define them and one is able to weave an emotional quilt of his/her colleagues’ existences. As in the real The Magic Mountain, it is all achieved through candid conversations. Ours were also fueled with wine.

Those moments in life, accompanied at venues like the Swiss Alps make, at least in my opinion, our lives meaningful. We add a different dimension to our existences and, consequently, become slightly better people because of it.

None of the above would be as satisfying if it didn’t concern my friendships made in IGAL. 

Bruno Aeschlimann organized one superb ski weekend. He lent us the Swiss Alps and, somehow, arranged for every day to be bright and sunny. Enough quality snow to satisfy the skiers and the walkers. It really added the magic to our own magic mountain.

We owned it for a few days; but, it will stay in our hearts forever.


by Mike Djordjevich

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