What does it feel like to be on a comfortable bus and in an hour travel back 400 years? No, it wasn’t tiring, as there was a coffee stop along the way. 

It is a privilege to exist in the 21st century and be able to travel 21,000 weeks back in time in an hour. And then, magically become immersed in a walled city, with narrow streets, brick and stone buildings and think about the people who lived there. 

What did they think about on a sunny autumn day? I am sure they had an equivalent set of thoughts in connection with their daily routines and tasks needing execution. Of course, they were doing it without our modern technology but, maybe, for their time, they were just as efficient in some other way.

We, IGAL conference attendees, were not efficient at all. After an almost three-hour lunch, involving many local delicacies, we rode back into the 21st century in our comfortable chariot.