This event has taken place pretty much during every IGAL AGM. I must admit it is my favorite. 

It is a procession of people we’ll spend the next several days with. These are our friends who we haven’t seen in two years; these are the people we missed. We care for them and we love them. These are the people we flew from everywhere to meet. 

To watch them enter the venue, smiling, well dressed (except your editor), and, to the very last one, cheerful, is, simply put, pleasurable. 

Then, hugs and kisses, embraces, representing the culmination of missing somebody. Look, here are Eefje and Wim. Looking well and happy. Vibeke and Thomas I have not seen for several years. So glad they are here. I have missed their smiling faces. Marra and Renato I have seen during the pandemic, which makes seeing them again that much more exciting. 

The room is slowly filling up and there is a sentiment of excitement. I am glad that I am here; I am not thinking about a 10+ hour flight and a long wait in Frankfurt. The same will happen on my way back; mine and everyone else’s.

So good to see Claudia; with her around I feel our AGM is returning to its familiar format which we are so used to. 

I can go on and on but you get the idea. For those of you not here: you were missed and you missed a good meeting.