“…and now, for something completely different…”: MOVIE REVIEW “I AM YOUR MAN”

This is a 2021 German film directed by Maria Schrader.

Is it a comedy? In a very roundabout way: maybe. Is there romance involved? In a very roundabout way: kind of.

The film attempts to answer an age-old question: what happens when we get what we always wanted?

What happens when we are presented with happiness?

What happens when we get a romantic partner who fulfills, answers and anticipates our every need and reacts to it in a perfect way? The way we want and like.

What do we do? How do we react?

The plot is simple: a scientist has a three-week trial of a very human like, artificial intelligence, male robot. She has previously described what the perfect partner would be for her and, voilà, she got him. Now what?

Every response is polite and perfect, measured, every compliment is targeted to please, to make an impact, to make someone feel better.

Then we ask ourselves: what is A.I. anyway? What is reality and what is an illusion? Does it matter? Isn’t the most important thing to be happy, be taken care of and babied; even if an algorithm is making it happen? Isn’t being happy paramount, no matter how we get there?

What do we do when we are told, for example, things like “your eyes are like two mountain lakes I could sink into.”

Do we ask if that is the best A.I. can do or we just accept it and make the most of it?

How would you handle it?


Here is the official trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARxpqS9DQyA