Just in case we are still in the spirit of the last two weeks with the holidays and can’t let go here is an idea to keep it going. I spent my holiday in California. Consequently, this seemed a very natural topic to write about.

There are reasons to do this. For example, many people believe that by dressing your candles with natural oils, herbs, or powders, you imbue the candles with additional energy, thus making your spells more powerful. Also, that dressing a candle gives you more time to mentally prepare for a spell and infuse it with stronger intentions. The ensuing relaxion will keep you in the holidays for a bit longer.

When you are ready to start dressing your chime candle, really think about what you are trying to achieve. Focus deeply on your desired outcome as you hold the candle and apply the dressings. Many people believe that the efforts put forth while conducting candle magic directly relate to a spell’s eventual outcome, so focus less on the mechanics of dressing and more on why you’ve chosen to include each dressing item.

As for the actual dressing of the candle, beginners are often unsure about where to start. While there are no fixed rules for dressing chime candles for candle magic, most people choose to start with the oils, before moving on to any dry ingredients like herbs and powders. This is because the oils will help the herbs and powders stick to the candle.

When dressing your chime candle with oil, there are several methods to choose from. One popular method is starting at the wick and working your way down, or the other way around. A third widely used method is starting at the middle and working your way to each end.

Once you’ve finished oiling your candle, you may wish to add some herbs or powders for additional energies. In the same way that there are different methods for oiling a chime candle, there are also different methods for applying herbs and powders. One popular method is rolling the oiled candle directly on the herbs and powders until it’s fully covered. A second popular method involves blowing the herbs or powders onto the oiled candle from the palm of one’s hand or a utensil like a spoon.

As for the specific dressings to use – that’s up to you. Because any type of oil, herb, and powder can be used to dress a chime candle for candle magic, it’s likely you already have some worthy candidates in your home.