Many of your firms have newsletters. Here are some ideas to improve them or, at least, make them easier to put out. The following assumes that your firm has had some kind of blog.

Ever feel you can’t seem to find enough useful information to keep your newsletter interesting? Or maybe it’s time for you to release your next newsletter, but you’re simply too busy to write the content for it. (Your editor is quite familiar with these instances.)  No matter which situation has you unable to keep up, you should definitely consider repurposing your old blog posts into relevant content for your newsletter.

Your blog’s archives are, most likely, filled with informative content. If it wasn’t, then odds are your visitors never continued accepting to your newsletter in the first place. Not only that, but your blog is probably full of old posts that your newsletter leaders would still find quite interesting. Finding and repurposing some of these older posts can save a lot of time and effort when putting together future newsletters.

Naturally, you may be asking yourself about whether you should distribute a newsletter containing “old” content. Think about it this way – the older the post, the less likely it will be that many of your newsletter readers have actually read it. As for the ones who have read the particular blog post that you will be repurposing, most will have probably long since forgotten the subject matter and would likely appreciate a second look at the topic.

Whenever you do choose to repurpose an old blog post, be sure to take some time and tweak any areas in the text that have become outdated. If the post references an event that was current during the post’s original release, then try to find a similar, but more recent reference to swap it out with. By tweaking the old blog post, it will once again be relevant for today’s audience, making it appear fresh and new instead of out of date.

After a period of time, most blog posts end up forgotten by your long time readers and unread by those who are new to your site. Why not give these posts a second chance at life by using them in your site’s future newsletters?