Our host Sten Sjostedt did an outstanding job in creating our Annual Meeting in his hometown of Stockholm. The Grand Hotel wasthe perfect choice in both location and amenities. What a pleasure it was to be able to walk to nearly everything! Early arrivals onTuesday evening gathered for a relaxed dinner and enjoyed being with friends both old and new.

On Wednesday, the Board convened for a full day of work. The others spent the morning touring the fascinating Royal Palace followedby a walking tour of the lively Old Town. A traditional Swedish luncheon was served at the city’s oldest operating restaurant. We wereall looking forward to the evening’s Welcome Reception and Dinner which was held at Sten’s Sällskapet Club. This historied andelegant place provided us with a wonderful time.

Thursday was the anticipated Business Day with a programme of speakers and topics centering around the theme of interactivity. Accompanying persons had a delightful time first enjoying the experience of a Swedish Fika and then had a fun time making and tasting fantastic chocolate.

No visit to Stockholm would be complete without visiting the ABBA museum…. we hummed

their songs for the rest of the day! Sten hosted a wonderful cocktail reception at his Walthon Advokater offices that was followed bya lovely and delicious meal at a nearby restaurant.

Friday’s Social Day was a real treat! A trip out of the city to the impressive Vaxholm Castle. There we were promptly split up into many competing teams. We engaged in a full roster of, challenging and highly inventive team puzzles. This was not for the faint of heart! Lots of laughter and fun throughout the entire day.

Saturday morning opened with the Annual General Meeting with much on the agenda to discuss, share and plan. Accompanyingpersons joined us to hear Pim Nuiten share his plans for the upcoming Spring 2024 midterm in Rotterdam and for Christian Li to present the decor for next fall in Mauritius. Wonderful presentations…we have so much to look forward to. No better setting forthat evening’s Gala than in the Grand Hotel’s own glamorous ballroom. The perfect way to wrap up our meeting with marvelous food, drink and conversation. A moving tribute and a standing ovation for our wonderful Beverley Leonache as she passes the baton of her long career with IGAL. To cap off the night was an outstanding dance band!

Many, many thanks to Sten for all of his efforts in giving us a wonderful Swedish experience!

Pam Brokate (USA)