And then, it is all over. From a 1000km/hr. I am at a complete stop at Barajas Madrid airport. It is very big and spread out. Just like my expectations for the conference.

I flew from a cloudy, rainy day, to a warm, summer like day. My friends Renato and Sten will be surprised having taken off from Venice and Stockholm, respectively, enveloped by water, to land here, in the middle of a barren, dry land. However, I am sure both will be glad for the same reasons I am.

It was soothing seeing all of the white coat clad health care workers lined up at the airport checking our health certificates, willing and ready to help. It made me think that Spain really cares for and about us. By extension, I am sure you all agree, we also think that our gracious host, Pedro, cares for us. Because, If he didn’t, why would he go through all of the trouble.

It feels good being in a big, beautiful city again. My residence is comfortable and nice, but there are limits. It can’t be my entire world. I am glad I am reentering it in Madrid. It is a happy occasion.