We have all had experiences with clients who attempt to do what we do themselves. I have concluded that the reasons for that are several: (1) no understanding of what is required, (2) no appreciation for what we do, (3) not wanting to spend the money, (4) thinking that they are much smarter than they actually are, (5) misunderstanding, misusing and misinterpreting the information obtained online and (6) many other reasons I have not bothered analyzing,

Those forays of saving money and actually doing the work usually, more or less, end in a disaster, lead to more work and, eventually, spending more money on correcting what was done. A lot of time is wasted, too. Kind of, like, “pay now or pay later” scenario.

We, as humans, make those mistakes quite often, in a variety of areas. Very frequently, we make them in the area of home/house/apartment decorating.

Just because we are highly trained and, hopefully, competent lawyers, accountants and consultants, why would we think we have an eye or any talent for interior decorating. We may be fooled, like many others, that we know what we are doing because it looks so easy, so attainable, so uncomplicated. After all, we think we know what we like and don’t like; how to match colors; what to buy etc.

Guess what? We don’t. This pertains to most of us, as, statistically, there are always talented people in every group. Not enough, however, to make a difference in these conclusions.

Common mistakes people make in decorating are: buying one piece of furniture at a time; buying furniture at discount stores and making selections of styles and colors mostly based on immediate availability and pricing; matching wall art colors to the overall color palette; mixing styles in any given room etc. The list is endless.

I realize there are budgetary considerations pertaining to all of the above. Obviously, all actions must be coordinated in accordance with one’s budget. That includes the advice which follows.

Most of the above can be resolved and helped by hiring or just consulting an interior decorator.  It is important to note that whomever you select should be of similar personality and, in their profession, should have a similar standing and degree of accomplishment.

They, if competent, should find out who you are, how you spend your time, how you respond to situations and regulate your moods, what the highs and the lows of your day are. This information can be used in picking styles and colors which complement you and your living space. Obviously, it can also be used to “tweak” your current style and colors.

The beauty of this route is that the decorator’s advice needn’t be followed in full or even partially, you can override it all but, in doing so, it is comforting to know that you have been exposed to ideas other than your own.

Happy remodeling/decorating!