So, let’s state the obvious: another year has gone by.

How did we do, individually and collectively?

Pause and give it a thought. I am sure there were wins and losses. Certainly hope it all tallied to a positive score.

We muddled or sailed through it or a little bit of both, as the case may be. We laughed, cried, worried but made it…and, made it in one piece.

That is saying something; about skill, perseverance, ambition and motivation. It was all strange, different but vibrant and exciting if one knows what to look for and how to see it.

Another year has gone by. We are older but are we wiser? Are we better?

A question of outlook and attitude, really. And, now, a new beginning, another chance to achieve your goals and, as a result, be happier. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

What about the new year: more of the same? Will we approach it differently? Are we optimists, pessimists, realists? It really all depends on the day, what happened the previous night, what is the strength of the coffee we just drank and other, innumerable, occurrences and reasons.

What are our goals? Every year we think about that. This early in the new year we think it is all possible and achievable. At least, I do.

Think how great you felt celebrating its arrival, how you took in those decorative lights which were everywhere, how great it felt to kiss that loved one, how positive and confident you felt. Let’s retain and cherish that feeling for the entire year and build on it. Advance your cause, both personal and business. Help others, if you can. Cherish the nature around you and the fact you are part of it. You are alive!

When we see each other in Malta and Tel Aviv let’s greet the smiling faces of successful, happy people.

Isn’t that who and what IGAL is?

Happy New 2022 from your IGAL INSIDER.