On my way back to the Island I was thinking of all the wonderful experiences afforded by our AGM. Maybe, you too, were reminiscing on that plane/ train/drive. I had some serious thinking time available in order to fill a 9,000 km. distance.

Looking out of the plane’s window, upon arrival in Seattle, I spotted our Space Needle. Positioned in the center of the city but alone, majestic, stately, not surrounded by intruding buildings, it made me think of our gala evening. How warm and cheerful it was, how friendly.

However, I immediately missed Madrid’s sunny skies and temperate weather. I was greeted with grey, overcast skies and cold clouds which bore no good news, no happiness to share. A distant thunder and sharp rain drops reminded me that it is autumn already.

Madrid’s Barajas airport was replaced by the ferry terminal which, by comparison, was tiny, compact, squeezed in (almost as a second thought) on the shore of a downtown of a major city. A marvel of engineering, receiving those sea monsters which devour cars and people and dutifully take them to the other side.

I was glad that both the terminal and ferries exist in order to get home and write this.

The crossing was uneventful. A wave here and there, windy, tree branches waiving from the shore and welcoming me home. Rain drops on the windows, murmur of diesel engines taking us across.

I wondered what effect their sound had on the marine life underneath. Was there actually any marine life left underneath with all the noise and boat traffic?

I was far, far away from Plaza de Colon, its quiet traffic of electric and hybrid cars, enveloped by what seemed like the never-ending sunshine.

Other Islanders were around me, sitting quietly, wrapped in their ever-present rain attire, quietly contemplating the crossing, arrival to the other side. Meeting a business associate? A new love? Coming from a long trip? Arranging for a loan? Dealing with a potentially devastating diagnosis?

Unlike in Madrid, they were all wearing masks. They were careful and crisis minded. Also, unlike in Madrid, there were no smiles on their faces. At least, that I could see.

Then, I caught a glimpse of it. The shore and the little harbor of our Island came out of the fog and stood there, welcoming and ready to take us in. I felt like a modern day Columbo, coming to something unknown, new, exciting and wondrous. A new beginning armed with new experiences and thoughts.

I was home.

by Mike Djordjevich

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