ISLAND STORIES: RUN, RUN, RUN by Mike Djordjevich – (USA)

Picture this: a man running in fog, rain, sunshine, looking, never stopping. Where is he going? Is he looking for truth, ointment for his soul or redemption?  

Being an Islander and, consequently, surrounded by water, does something to body and soul.

Sometimes, I feel closed in, but most of the time I am exhilarated. The possibility of going where the sky, earth and water meet (is it the “entrance to” or “exit from” this world?) make me put my running shoes on and run, run, run; with or without a reason.  Every time I do that, it is a brand new experience. Any particular day may be hot, foggy, cloudy, sunny, muggy, rainy or snowy. There may be people or animals along the way, or none at all. Every time, the experience is different.

I run by houses: some have pets, some don’t; some are tidy, others are not. Everyone living in those houses, however, belongs to that very location. I can’t imagine any other house, or any other cars in front of it, or any other curtains in the windows. Each location is defined and spoken for. Even the birds of different varieties seem to know where to go, on which branch to stand on, and at what time of day. It all functions like clockwork, it all fits as if preordained by some inexplicable cosmic accident.

When I get to the water, it all seems randomized, as if it just happened; but, it is an illusion.  The tide goes out to a certain point and then, like clockwork, comes back in. And, it compliments that 4500 m (14600 ft.) high volcano, our neighbor which we see from the Island. That happens every day, probably for millennia, or, at least, as long as the ocean has been here.

Running, I am moving and all else remains still, glued to its place. I weave in and out of these wonders. The longer I go on, the slower I run. In the end I stop. I am tired. And, everything around me stops, becomes still, frozen, magical.

Then I realize, all of us moving along with our host planet, even that tall, ominous looking volcano located across the water. All of that is happening at a speed of 30 km/sec. or 67,000 miles/hr. Our whole Island has covered that distance in the last hour. Hard to comprehend.

As soon as I am back, exhausted, both mentally and physically, I want to do it again, with or without a reason. There is no better place to wait for the current cataclysm to be over. Run, run, run, both toward and away from it.

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