*** Sustainable finance growth amid the Covid-19 pandemics *** by Linari Law Firm (Luxembourg)

Sustainable finance seems to gain more and more traction, including, in Luxembourg, all this despite profound negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemics on global and local economies during the past year. To illustrate that, the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) – the green-finance arm of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange – has recently disclosed new record numbers in terms of growth in green, social and sustainability bond issuance, moving close to the EUR 200 billion threshold in 2020 alone, while the total number of sustainable securities displayed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange reached 407.

Given the developments in the market, it is expected that more and more potential bonds issuers would adopt strategic approach to sustainable finance in their activities, and as a result, observe a further increase in the issuance and display of green, social and sustainability bonds on dedicated green segments of stock exchanges around the globe.

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