Listen, I don’t mean to compare our Island to the big tourist centers like Paris, Venice and Barcelona. I am only mentioning it to describe the magnitude of what is happening out here.

Let’s begin at the beginning. Our Island started as a vacation spot. You know, those arrogant lawyers and accountants from Seattle and environs needed to get away from their clients and practices and “check out” for a weekend, month or summer. That was 80 years ago. In the meantime, it became a desirable place to live. We’ll write about it some other time.

The only way to get to it is via the State of Washington run ferry. Those run every 45 minutes. The crossing takes 35 minutes from downtown Seattle.

Get ready for this: the biggest tourist attraction in Seattle is the ferry ride.

Consequently, we are inundated with tourists. Our Magic Island was “discovered” about seven years ago. I wish the fog often surrounding our Island never lifted.

These throngs of people who come to our Island; I always wonder what do they think when they come here. What do they see?

I am sure they see an idyllic village where everyone seems to have realized their full potential. Maybe, where people are living the dream to the fullest. Where happiness reins and living is easy. Probably, where all things reconcile and there is no reason for displeasure.

Those thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.

I can tell you what we think about them.

That they are traveling aimlessly and not understanding our area’s geography and history. That the only activity they are capable of is eating overpriced, bad food on our Island. And buying equally overpriced wax candles, towels and bars of soap. Wow, where do they get $20 to buy a candle?

I am pretty sure we are completely wrong about them. Chances are that some may possess those attributes but not all.

Maybe there is a lesson here for all of us. C’est la vie!

My next step: maybe move to a very small island. With a single palm tree on it. I am thinking about it.