LISBON AGM by Pam Brokate (USA)

Bravo to Katrien Serrien and Beverley Leonache for their wonderful whirlwind efforts in producing a very successful AGM in beautiful Lisbon. Warm weather and a much-improved forecast set the stage. The waterfront Myriad Hotel with its spectacular views was a great choice for both business and pleasure.

A lively crowd of early arrivals dined at Tacho de Pescador on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the board gathered for a full session while others took advantage of visiting the Parque Das Nações, the renowned Oceanarium followed by a great lunch. All gathered later that evening for a wonderful Opening Reception and Dinner. There was much enjoyment with greeting friends both old and new!

Thursday’s Business Day had a full agenda with spotlights on international financial crime and terrorism along with presentations and panels discussing the current world  business sanctions against Russia. In addition, IGAL members updated their colleagues on each individual firm’s practices and specialties.

Accompanying persons thoroughly enjoyed participating in a shopping and cooking session and of course feasting on the results of their efforts! That evening  all of us had the chance to dine at different local restaurants….including many that offered Lisbon’s famed Fado music!

Friday’s Social Day was jam-packed with Lisbon experiences. We split into small groups to do a Lisbon Scavenger/Photo Contest organized activity. What a  competitive way to explore by foot many of the city’s most famed sights! The calories burnt by this exercise were more than made up by a delightful Al fresco luncheon in the main square. The evening began with a most relaxing catamaran Sunset Cruise where the city sparkled under the moonlight. Dining at the Museo de Cerveja was a lovely affair with much clinking of beer glasses!

Saturday’s Business morning included the election of three new board members followed by presentations for next year’s meetings for all. Clement Raingeard showcased next spring’s Bordeaux midterm and Sten Sjostedt enticed us with upcoming plans for next September’s Annual Meeting in Stockholm. A buffet luncheon was held overlooking the waterfront.

The much-anticipated Gala was at the spectacular Museo Medeiros E Almeida. This event caped our conference with fine dining, drinking, and dancing!

This entire day was marked by the members’ honouring of two very special IGAL members. Katrien ended her term as IGAL president- where in these past unprecedented three years she most skilfully and successfully navigated our organization with outstanding dedication and vision.

Alongside Katrien we gave enormous thanks to Beverley’s upcoming retirement after 20 years of unselfish service and devotion to IGAL. Our standing ovation signified our heartfelt gratitude to the untold amounts of time and energy for all Beverley has done .

Pam Brokate (USA)