Some nail polish problems are so common that nearly every nail polish wearer has experienced them firsthand. Regrettably, these common problems are often never resolved despite having such easy fixes. Below are five commonly experienced nail polish problems, followed by a simple solution for each.

  1. Your painted nails have many bubbles.

An overly shaken bottle is the most likely culprit when bubbles appear on your painted nails. In the future, gently roll the polish bottle instead of shaking it to prevent bubbles from forming. If you must shake a bottle because the polish is too badly separated, then let the bottle sit for a while afterward before painting your nails. Applying thinner coats of polish can also help prevent bubbles from appearing.

  1. Your nail polish chips too easily.

Many nail polishes start chipping almost immediately after application. To stop your nail polish from chipping so fast, apply the polish in thin layers and finish off your manicure with a quality top coat polish. It’s also imperative that you remove any dirt, grime, or old polish before painting your nails to prevent the new polish from prematurely chipping.

  1. Your nail polish turns your natural nails yellow.

Certain nail polishes, especially darker-colored polishes, can stain your natural nails an unhealthy-looking yellow color. To prevent colored polishes from staining your nails, apply a base coat polish before adding any color. After application, give the base coat polish around five minutes of drying time before continuing with your manicure.

  1. Your painted nails often become smudged.

Smudged nail polish occurs when you return to your daily tasks before your nail polish can fully harden. To stop your polish from smudging, either commit to doing nothing for longer after painting your nails or invest in some quick-drying polish. Many quick-drying polishes can leave you good to go in only sixty seconds.

  1. Your nail polish has become too thick.

Most nail polishes thicken with age. Fortunately, this added thickness doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve reached the end of the polish’s lifespan. If you’d like to salvage a thickened polish, pick up some nail polish thinner from your local beauty shop and add a few drops of it to the thickened polish. Chances are, the polish will be back to regular thickness after some vigorous shaking.

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